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Pure + NOOD

Green Amore

Green Amore

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Makes you feel LEVEL

Embrace the Lush, Revitalizing Splash of Green Amore
Dive into a verdant ocean of vitality with Pure+Nood's latest crafting marvel—Green Amore. A vibrant fusion of cooling cucumber, crisp celery, lush Cos lettuce, mighty kale, zesty pineapple, and a splash of invigorating lemon, this cold-pressed juice is more than just a beverage; it's a lively, refreshing journey into the heart of wellness. Every sip of Green Amore is a symphony of flavors designed to invigorate your soul, purify your body, and elevate your daily health ritual.

Why We Created Green Amore: A Symphony of Health Benefits
At Pure+Nood, each creation is a love letter to the transformative power of nature’s finest offerings. With Green Amore, we have carefully selected each component not only for its unique flavor but for its profound health benefits:

Cucumber: Dive into hydration heaven with cucumber’s high water content, which helps flush out toxins and promotes a serene, hydrated glow.

Celery: Step into the crisp embrace of celery, a natural powerhouse that supports digestive comfort and lowers inflammation with every crunchy sip.

Cos Lettuce: Unravel the subtle, refreshing flavors of Cos lettuce, abundant with antioxidants, vitamins A and K, to elevate your vision and strengthen your bones.

Kale: Embrace kale, the king of greens, whose fiber, antioxidants, and a wealth of vitamins fortify your heart’s health and imbue your body with youthful vigor.

Pineapple: Let the playful, sweet tang of pineapple whisk you away with its bromelain-rich core, enhancing digestion and invigorating your immune system.

Lemon: A splash of lemon adds not just a kick of flavor but a bustling dose of vitamin C, perfect for skin health and immune defense.

Nutritional Info at a glance: 

Nutritional Info per 375ml serve per 100ml
Energy (kJ) 312.4 83.3
Protein 2.6 0.7
Fat Total 0 0
Fat -saturated 0 0
Carbohydrates 10.9 2.9
Carbohydrates -sugars 9.8 2.6
Sodium 141.6 37.8

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