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Better Sleep 3-day Pack

Better Sleep 3-day Pack

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Sit back and sip in the goodness of tranquillity with our Better sleep Pack, crafted to promote calmness within your mind, body, and soul. Including our hand made vegan nut mylk for before bed to calm the mind, And our Passion on route elixir to start your day.


Stress-free snooze - Experience deeper, more rejuvenating sleep with a wholesome blend of cashews that promote serotonin production and relaxation, coconut's blood-sugar stabilizing MCTs, slow-energy release from medjool dates, the soothing aroma of vanilla that reduces anxiety, the electrolyte-balancing power of WA Lake salt, and alkaline water's ability to support hydration and enhance sleep quality.

Some Like It Hot – Savor the flavor of your base milk or tonic straight from the fridge for a refreshing, cold sip, or warm it up over the stovetop.

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What: Sit back and sip in the goodness of serenity with our base milk before bed and elixir to start your day, crafted to stimulate calmness, promote better sleep, and give your mind, body, and soul the reset they need.


Why: This bundle of adaptogenic blends provides highly concentrated functional relaxation properties, including tryptophan, MCTs, and magnesium, to support a calmer sense of self and help ease everyday stressors.

How: Begin your day with a feeling of serenity by drinking our passion on route your morning meditation. Then, enjoy your nuttin but goodness vegan base mylk before bedtime to promote tranquility while you sleep and set the tone for the following day.

In The Kit - 3 x Nut mylks, 3 x Elixirs:

3 x Nuttin but goodness - Cashew, Coconut, Medjool Dates, Vanilla, WA Lake Salt and Alkaline Water.

3 x Passion on route - Akaline water, Passionfruit, Lemon, Tumeric, Chia Seeds.

Low in sugar and packed with goodness - grab yours today! 

(for complete nutritional info on each juice, head to the juices tab)

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