Watermelon Jerky - Snack Size

Watermelon Jerky - Snack Size

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A sweet, clean treat made with 100% real watermelon and nothing artificial!

Slowly dehydrated at 60 degrees for 18 hours with a dash of lime and a hint of spice, our Watermelon Jerky is a healthy pre and post cleanse snack to enjoy, guilt free.

Ingredients: Watermelon, lime juice, cayenne pepper

Nutritional Info at a glance: 

Per serve (25g)

Calories - 93 cal 

Protein - 1.9 g 

Fat - 0.55 g 

Sat Fat - <0.1 g 

Carbohydrates - 24.7 g 

Sugar - 16.6 g 

Sodium -  4.5 mg