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Pure + NOOD

Into the wild

Into the wild

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Makes you feel UNWAVERING

Embrace Nature's Essence with Into the Wild Cold-Pressed Juice
Step off the beaten path and wander Into the Wild, Pure+Nood’s latest creation that is an ode to the untamed garden of Mother Nature. Each bottle teems with the unbridled essence of Cos lettuce, Kale, Ginger, Cucumber, Coconut Water, and Lemon—ingredients gathered at the peak of their vitality and cold-pressed into a verdant elixir that thrums with life. This isn't just a cold-pressed juice; it's a clarion call to the wilderness within, an invitation to imbibe in the pure, unprocessed splendor of Earth’s finest offerings.

The Journey of Creation: Into the Wild's Verdant Virtues
At Pure+Nood, we've ventured through valleys of green and forests of nutrition to handpick elements that weave together health and harmony. Into the Wild Cold-Pressed Juice is our tribute to this quest—a thirst-quenching beacon of wellness that reconnects you with your primal vitality.

Cos Lettuce: Beneath its humble exterior lies a font of folate and fiber, the silent sentinels of heart health, guiding your pulse to the natural rhythms of the wild.

Kale: The green empress of nutrient density, Kale showers your body with a regal display of vitamins A, C, and K—guardians against the modern-day foes of oxidative stress and inflammation.

Ginger: A zesty navigator of well-being, Ginger charts your course to digestive tranquility, immune fortification, and the fiery glow of anti-inflammatory resilience.

Cucumber: With every crisp sip, Cucumber cascades hydration through your body’s every crevice, infusing a sensation as refreshing as a clear mountain stream.

Coconut Water: Into the Wild's oasis in the desert, Coconut Water carries electrolytes that replenish and nourish, ensuring every voyage to vitality is a balanced and bountiful one.

Lemon: A spritz of Lemon's sunny disposition not only brightens your day but also purifies your path, clearing the way for health with its mighty sweep of vitamin C and detoxifying prowess.

Nutritional Info at a glance: 

Nutritional Info per 375ml serve per 100ml
Energy (kJ) 320.6 85.5
Protein 4.9 1.3
Fat Total 0.75 0.2
Fat -saturated 0 0
Carbohydrates 8.3 2.2
Carbohydrates -sugars 7.9 2.1
Sodium 79.9 21.3
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