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Daily Dose

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Just a daily dose of nutrients and goodness coming at you! Lunch and dinner for 5 days, delivered to your door fresh!

Take the guess work and time out of cooking healthy and let you do it for us! Our Daily Dose program includes 2 meals a day over five days.

Note - Our meal plans are set for specific goals, therefor they cannot be adjusted or altered. All meals are sent in one delivery for your convenience. 

Here's the plan:

Day 1: 

Lunch - Field of pizzas  

Dinner - Chickpea Curry

Day 2: 

Lunch - Tofu Tokyo Bowl

Dinner - Mushroom stroganoff

Day 3:

Lunch - Warming Quinoa Salad

Dinner - Pumped up pumpkin soup

Day 4:

Lunch - Nasi Goreng

Dinner - Mediterranean Stuffed Sweet Potato 

Day 5: 

Lunch - Sticky Shanghai Cauliflower 

Dinner - Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese 


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