Clean & Lean (vegan)

Clean & Lean (vegan)

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Looking to Tone up, drop body-fat and feel better NOOD? Then this is for you! We've planned your whole day of eating out for you, so you don't have too!

This wont have you starving for your next meal or on a fad diet, just great, healthy and nutritious food, picked specifically to have you looking and feeling amazing!

Here's the plan:

Day 1: 

Start your day with: Sweet Potato Rosti

Mid morning boost: Blueprint

Fuel up - Quinoa salad

Dinner: Taco Bowl


Day 2: 

Start your day with: Chia Pudding

Mid morning boost: Watermelon Jerky

Fuel up - Vermicelli Rice Noodle salad

Dinner: Chickpea Curry


Day 3: 

Start your day with: Base Mylk + Protein 

Mid morning boost: Blush Sunrise

Fuel up - Warming Quinoa Salad

Dinner: Sticky Shanghai Cauliflower


Day 4: 

Start your day with: Sweet potato rosti

Mid morning boost: Green Light

Fuel up - Pumpkin Soup

Dinner: Rice noodle salad


Day 5: 

Start your day with: Chia Pud

Mid morning boost: Glowed up nuts

Fuel up - Taco Bowl

Dinner: Nasi Goreng


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