Cleansing 101

The food we eat directly nourishes our cells and because our body is made up of billions of cells, we are quite literally what we eat. It’s no surprise then that so many of us don’t always function at or feel our best. Cleansing helps to reset our bodies (and minds!) by eliminating harmful thoughts, habits, actions and toxins and cultivating positive thoughts, actions and habits in their place.

We are regularly being exposed to ‘life’, within life we come in contact with toxins in numerous forms. We accumulate these toxins over time and they can become stored deep within our bodies in areas like our organs, tissues, fat cells and even our brain. A build up of these negative bits can lead to fatigue, reduced immunity, weight gain, mental disorders, lack of vibrance for life in general and countless other health conditions. A lot of these displeasing symptoms we have simply learnt to live with and often assume they cannot be changed.

Cleansing allows the body's vital organs and digestive processes to rest. As digestions is one of the most energy demanding processes of the body, cleansing allows that energy to be redirected to the elimination of these harmful toxins from the body and the encouragement of maximum nutrient absorption and assimilation. (Think about this for your mind too. Space away from habits always brings with it clarity and new found commitment for fueling life with only the good).

One of the most important and useful effects of cleansing is the opportunity for self-reflection. Once you take the time to take a step back and really think about what you need to be your best version of you, you can set positive intentions and goals for yourself and begin your steps towards peak health, happiness and GLOW.

Put yourself on the bench for a time out - Cleanse and be rewarded with GLOW.

What symptoms signal that it’s time to cleanse:
  • Low energy
  • Lack a vibrancy and lust for life
  • Foggy mind / unfocused
  • Poor memory
  • Low sleep quality
  • Bugs that linger
  • Extra weight that won’t budge
  • Bloating or other digestive issues

    “Health is an inner state of resilience and balance that allows you to move through life and not get hurt by all the things that have the potential to hurt you. If you are healthy, you can interact with germs and not be infected; you can interact with allergies and not get allergic responses; you can interact with toxins and not be harmed; you can interact with carcinogens and not develop malignancies.” - Dr Weil

    This is why we cleanse!

    We believe that when your body + mind is happy and balanced your life transforms. Cleansing with us whilst keeping up with your busy and full life is the most convenient, safe and effective way of achieving this!