Winter Warmers Pack

Winter Warmers Pack

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The weathers getting colder, but this pack of goodness is warming for the body and the soul. Filled with vitamins and nutrients designed to help boost that immune system.

This care package is available for a very limited time only and includes - 


1 x VEGAN "BONE" BROTH #61 - All the goodness of veg, backed into a tasty, warming and soothing broth.

1 x PUMPED UP PUMPKIN SOUP #63 - Packed with flavour, creamy and warming - this ones definitely a crowd pleasing soup.

1 x SILKY VEGAN CHAI TEA #40 - Perfect to have slightly warmed on a cold, winter night. 

1 x GREEN WINE #47 - A healthy dose of vitamin C, Antioxidants and a stack of other vitamins and minerals.

1 x GOOD GREENS POWDER - This single dose contains 15 different super foods essential for a healthy body. 

1 x GINGER AND TURMERIC SHOT - Anti-inflammatory and relieve cold and flu symptoms.

Get in and grab one of these packs before there gone!