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How to be more efficient in your day

Busy doesn't mean productive

We live in a digital age in which everything moves at a faster pace. On a daily bases we are flooded with information, most of which is irrelevant to the present moment.

So how can we focus more, increase productivity and get more out of each day?

3 apps we LOVE for organisation + mental clarity

Here are 3 apps we use to increase work productive and clear the mind when things get stressful!

1. "SERENITY" - An easy way to meditate for those of us that find difficulty in clearing the mind. With short 3 minute daily sessions, sleep sessions and more, its great to use when you need it!

2. Google Tasks - Schedule tasks, goals and get things DONE! We use this to schedule the days tasks and if they don't get completed they'll sit there so you don't forget.

3. Easypark - Save yourself time and money on parking. Select the time required, select your pre-selected vehicle and your good to go. It also sends a reminder if your parking's due to expire with the option to extend it.


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